• I have been feeling rather depressed for some time now, even if I have gone more or less regularly in therapy. Do you think joining your Zen group could be suitable and helpful for me?
  • Yes
  • Thank you for your plain answer! But could you say a little more about my healing possibilities if joining your group?
  • “Zen is the ultimate therapy!” Zen master Sheng Yen strongly pointed out to my friend; psychologist and Sheng Yen´s Dharma Heir John C, during one of  their peaceful conversations. It must be quite clear and strongly underlined, that you will get nothing by entering the Middle Way, but during your walking on it, you will be losing something. It is more a question of de-learning than learning, of letting go, rather than gaining anything new, or more..
    The master asked: When not thinking on good, not thinking on bad (then, in this moment), show me your original face! Welcome to work out an acceptable answer for your self!
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